Who Owns Bigfoot the Monster Truck?

Bigfoot is one of the most iconic monster trucks in the world and has been thrilling crowds since its first show in 1979. The truck has gone through many iterations over the years, but the original Bigfoot monster truck remains an icon. So who owns Bigfoot?

The current owner of the Bigfoot monster truck is Bob Chandler, who started the original Bigfoot Enterprises in 1975. He purchased a Ford F-250 pickup truck and began building it into a monster truck.

Over the years he continued to upgrade and improve the vehicle, which eventually became known as “Bigfoot”. Bob has been running and maintaining Bigfoot since then and continues to do so today.

Bob Chandler also owns two other monster trucks – Bigfoot Junior and Big Oly – that compete alongside Bigfoot at various events around the country. The three trucks are owned by two of Bob’s sons, Jim and Steve, who are now taking over management of the family business.

The Chander family has made a name for themselves in the world of monster trucks and they have been featured on TV shows such as Monster Garage, Monster Jam, American Trucker, and more. They are also involved in philanthropic efforts such as supporting local charities like Toys for Tots.


Bob Chandler is the current owner of one of the most iconic monster trucks in the world – Bigfoot – as well as two other competitive vehicles owned by his sons Jim and Steve. Together they have made a name for themselves in this niche industry while also giving back to their community through philanthropic efforts.

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