Who Played the Tow Truck Driver in Breaking Bad?

Breaking Bad has become one of the most iconic television series of all time. It features a cast of characters that are as memorable as they are diverse.

One such character is the tow truck driver, who plays a key role in the show’s plot. While his identity is never revealed, it’s believed that he was played by actor Rodney Rush.

The character first appears in Season 2, Episode 11 of Breaking Bad, where he is seen towing a car away from Walter White’s house. His presence serves to signify Walter’s downfall, as he is being taken away from his former life as a chemist and thrust into the criminal underworld.

He also appears later on in Season 3, when he attempts to repossess Jesse Pinkman’s car due to unpaid back taxes. This leads to a tense confrontation between Jesse and the tow truck driver.

The actor playing this role is Rodney Rush, an American actor who has appeared in various films and television shows over the years. He has had small roles in films such as The Avengers and The Social Network, but it was his role as the tow truck driver in Breaking Bad that really put him on the map.

Rush also appeared in two other episodes of Breaking Bad – Season 4’s “Cornered” and Season 5A’s “Live Free or Die.” In both episodes, he reprised his role as the tow truck driver, providing further insight into his character and motivations.


In conclusion, Rodney Rush is believed to have played the tow truck driver in Breaking Bad. He first appears in Season 2 and reappears again later on in Seasons 4 and 5A.

His presence serves to signify Walter White’s descent into criminal activity, which ultimately leads to his downfall.

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