Why Are Monster Truck Tires So Big?

Monster truck tires are huge, and they are designed with a specific purpose in mind. The large tire size and construction allows the truck to traverse over large obstacles, such as cars and logs. The tires also provide extra force when it comes to jumping, which is how monster trucks often entertain their audiences at events.

Monster truck tires are typically constructed of solid rubber, and they’re usually between 66-72 inches in diameter. The tire is much wider than a regular car tire, ranging from 24-44 inches wide. This width helps the truck to maintain control while airborn during jumps or navigating rough terrain.

The tread on a monster truck tire is also different from that of a car tire. It’s designed for maximum grip, enabling the vehicle to move efficiently over gravel, mud, or sand without slipping or sliding around. The tread is also thicker than a standard car tire and has deep grooves that help it better maintain contact with the ground while moving through wet or slippery surfaces.

The monster truck’s suspension system is also designed differently to accommodate its massive tires. It consists of shock absorbers and coil springs that help absorb the impact when the vehicle lands after a jump or drives over rough terrain. This helps reduce wear and tear on the vehicle itself, as well as its occupants (drivers).


Monster truck tires are specially designed for maximum performance when it comes to off-road driving, jumping high into the air, and traversing over large obstacles like cars or logs. They have thick treads for extra grip on slippery surfaces, wide widths for stability during jumps, and deep grooves for better contact with the ground.

In addition to this, their suspension system provides extra cushioning for both driver and vehicle when landing after a jump or driving over rough terrain. All of these factors combine together to make monster trucks one of the most impressive vehicles around!

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