Will a Pickup Truck Fit in My Garage?

The question of whether a pickup truck will fit in a garage is one that has been asked for many years. It is important to consider the size of your garage, as well as the size of the pickup truck you are considering, before making a decision.

In general, pickup trucks come in three sizes: full-size, mid-size, and compact. Full-size trucks are usually too large for most garages, so if you want to fit a pickup truck in your garage, it is best to look at mid-size or compact models.

Mid-size trucks typically measure between 6 and 7 feet wide and range from 8 to 9 feet long. Compact trucks measure closer to 5 feet wide and can be anywhere from 7 to 8 feet long. If you have a small garage, it is likely that either of these sizes will fit.

When measuring your garage for a pickup truck, make sure to factor in the width and length of the garage door opening itself. The door must be wide enough to accommodate both the width and length of the truck without any difficulty when entering or exiting the garage. Additionally, remember to leave enough room on either side of the vehicle for safe maneuvering within the garage space.

If you plan on storing other items in your garage along with your pickup truck, it is important that you take measurements and plan ahead for where things will go before making any purchase decisions. Depending on what else needs to be stored in the space, it may be necessary to look at smaller models or consider other storage solutions such as wall or ceiling mounted racks or shelves.


Whether or not a pickup truck will fit in your garage largely depends on its size and how much extra storage space is available. Mid-sized and compact models are generally best suited for garages while full-sized models tend not to fit unless there are additional storage solutions available within the space.

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