Did Datsun Make a Pickup Truck?

Datsun was a Japanese automobile brand which was first launched in 1931, and went defunct in 1986. It was well known for producing reliable, affordable cars and some of its most popular models included the 510, 240Z, and the 280ZX.

But while these were all great cars, did Datsun ever produce a pickup truck?

Well, the answer is yes. In fact, Datsun had been producing pickup trucks since the 1950s with the introduction of their very first model – the Model 220.

It was based on their sedan model at the time and featured an open-top design that could carry up to two passengers. From there, they went on to release several other models over the years such as the 520 Pickup Truck in 1965 – which featured four-wheel drive – and then the 720 Pickup Truck in 1972.

Despite being incredibly popular amongst farmers and tradesman alike due to their ruggedness and affordability, Datsun’s pickup trucks never really caught on with mainstream consumers. This can be attributed to their lack of features compared to other vehicles on the market at that time such as air conditioning or power windows.

While Datsun’s pickup trucks weren’t particularly successful in terms of sales, they remain an important part of automotive history as one of the earliest Japanese brands to produce them. They paved the way for other Japanese manufacturers such as Toyota and Nissan who would go on to become major players in this segment.


So did Datsun make a pickup truck? The answer is yes! They produced several models over the years starting from 1950s until they finally stopped production in 1986.

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