Did International Ever Make a Pickup Truck?

Throughout the long history of International Harvester, the company has produced a wide variety of vehicles for both commercial and industrial use. One type of vehicle that International Harvester is not widely known for producing, however, is pickup trucks.

Despite this fact, rumors have circulated for years that International did indeed make a pickup truck at one point in time.

To understand if International ever made a pickup truck, it is important to look at the company’s history. International Harvester was founded in 1902 and quickly became one of the world’s leading producers of agricultural and industrial equipment. During its early years, the company produced several vehicles such as tractors, delivery vans and dump trucks.

The company was also involved in producing cars and light-duty trucks during the 1920’s and 1930’s. These included various models such as the International C-Series and F-Series pickups. However, none of these models were true pickup trucks as they lacked certain features such as a bed or cargo area.

In addition to these models, there were also rumors that International produced a full-size pickup truck in the late 1950’s called the “Ranger.” This vehicle was supposedly based on an existing light truck chassis but featured a longer wheelbase and an extended cab area with a small cargo area behind it.

Unfortunately for those looking for an answer about whether or not International ever made a true pickup truck, there is no definitive answer. The only evidence of such a vehicle is hearsay from those who claim to have seen one or heard stories about them from previous owners.


Did International ever make a pickup truck? The answer appears to be no; while they did produce various models of light-duty trucks during their heyday, none of these models contained all of the necessary features that would make them true pickup trucks.

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