Did Plymouth Make a Pickup Truck?

Pickup trucks have been popular for decades, but there was a time when many of the most well-known companies produced their own versions. Plymouth was one of those companies, and they made a number of different pickup trucks from the 1950s to the 1970s.

The First Plymouth Pickup Truck
The first Plymouth pickup truck was the Pilot Suburban, introduced in 1951. It was based on the Plymouth Suburban station wagon, but with a bed in place of the wagon’s rear cargo area. It came with either a 3 or 6-cylinder engine and had a load capacity of around 1000 lbs.

Other Models
Plymouth continued producing various pickup models until 1971. The most popular model from this period was the Valiant-based Duster, which featured an extended cab and larger engine than its predecessors.

Other models included the Fury-based Sport Fury and Barracuda-based Cuda pickups. The last Plymouth pickup was the Trailduster, which featured an extended cab design and 4WD capabilities.

Plymouth stopped producing pickup trucks in 1971 due to declining sales and increasing competition from other automakers. Despite this, their vehicles still have a loyal following today among collectors and restorers alike. Many parts are still available for these vintage pickups, making them relatively easy to restore or customize.

Did Plymouth Make a Pickup Truck?

Yes, Plymouth did make pickup trucks from 1951 to 1971. They had an extensive lineup that included several different models based on their cars at the time. While they are no longer in production today, they remain popular among collectors and restorers due to their unique designs and availability of parts for restoration projects.

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