How Do You Do the Tow Truck Mission on GTA?

The Tow Truck mission on GTA is an exciting and rewarding mission that can provide some extra cash for players. It involves picking up a tow truck from a specific location, then driving it around to collect abandoned vehicles and return them to the impound lot. The mission requires a good understanding of the game’s environment and driving skills, as well as some problem solving skills.

First, players need to locate the tow truck. This can be done by looking for the tow truck icon on the map.

Once located, players will need to drive their character to the vehicle and enter it. When inside, they will be given instructions on how to use the truck properly.

Once they have acquired the truck, they must then drive around looking for abandoned cars that are in need of being towed away. Players should be careful while searching for cars; some areas may contain rival gangs who want to take control of these vehicles, so it’s best to stay out of their way if possible. If a gang member spots them, they will likely need to fight them off before proceeding with their mission.

When a suitable car has been spotted, players must then connect it with their tow truck and bring it back to the impound lot. This will require careful maneuvering with their vehicle in order to avoid obstacles like other cars or buildings that might get in their way. Once at the impound lot, they will be rewarded with money for each car they successfully towed away.

Conclusion: The Tow Truck mission on GTA can be challenging but also rewarding if done properly. Players must locate and acquire a tow truck first, then search for abandoned cars that need collecting before returning them back safely at the impound lot in order to receive payment for completing this task; all while avoiding any rival gangs or other obstacles along the way!

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