How Do You Unlock the Tow Truck in Lego City Undercover?

Lego City Undercover is an open-world video game that follows a police officer named Chase McCain. In the game, players are tasked with solving various crimes and helping the citizens of Lego City.

One of the many vehicles available to players in the game is a tow truck, which can be used to tow away any cars that have been abandoned or left in disrepair. The tow truck can also be used to move heavy items, such as containers or large pieces of debris. Unlocking the tow truck requires players to complete several tasks and objectives throughout the game.

The First Step: The first step in unlocking the tow truck is to complete a specific mission early on in the game. This mission requires players to locate and recover a stolen vehicle from a group of criminals. Upon completing this mission, players will be rewarded with an access card that allows them to enter the police station’s impound lot.

The Second Step: Once inside the impound lot, players must locate and purchase a new tow truck from one of the vendors located throughout the area. To do this, they must first collect enough coins by completing various missions and objectives throughout Lego City. After purchasing their new vehicle, they will receive an access code that unlocks it.

The Third Step: After unlocking their new vehicle, players must find a place to park it in Lego City’s underground parking garage. This garage can be accessed through several different locations throughout the city and is where all vehicles are stored when not in use. Once parked, players will have access to their newly acquired tow truck at any time during their playthrough of Lego City Undercover.

Conclusion: Unlocking the tow truck in Lego City Undercover requires patience and dedication from players but is ultimately worth it for those who want access to this powerful vehicle for use during their playthroughs of this classic open-world video game. With its ability to move heavy objects as well as its usefulness when dealing with abandoned cars and debris, having access to a reliable tow truck makes completing missions much easier for players who want to make their way through Lego City as quickly as possible!

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