How High Can a Monster Jam Truck Jump Into the Air?

Monster Jam trucks are some of the most impressive vehicles to ever grace the motorsport circuit. These incredible machines are capable of performing some of the most daring stunts, including massive jumps into the air. But just how high can a Monster Jam truck jump?

The answer lies in the physics behind these powerful vehicles. A Monster Jam truck is typically powered by an engine producing up to 1500 horsepower, with tires that have been specially designed to grip any surface with ease.

When combined with the truck’s advanced suspension system, this allows it to achieve leaps of incredible heights – up to 35 feet!

Monster Jam drivers are also highly trained professionals who know exactly how to get their trucks airborne. They utilize a variety of techniques such as “mastering the art of jumping”, which combines careful timing and precise control of their vehicle in order to achieve maximum altitude. This allows them to hit massive jumps and reach heights that otherwise would not be possible.

The record for highest jump made by a Monster Jam truck is an astonishing 42 feet – achieved by driver Tom Meents at the Monster Jam World Finals XX in 2015. This incredible feat was made possible due to Meents’ skillful driving, as well as his specially modified truck that had been designed specifically for long distance jumps.


Monster Jam trucks are capable of achieving impressive heights when jumping into the air, with records showing they can reach up to 42 feet. This is thanks in part to their powerful engines and specialized tires, as well as highly skilled drivers who know exactly when and how best to launch their trucks into the air.

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