How Much Money Is a Tesla Semi Truck?

Tesla semi trucks are one of the most advanced heavy-duty vehicles on the market. The electric semi truck has generated a lot of interest from trucking companies and businesses that need to transport large amounts of cargo. But one of the main questions people have is: how much money is a Tesla Semi Truck?

The price of a Tesla Semi Truck depends on several factors, including the type of battery, range, and other features. The base model starts at $150,000, which includes 300 miles of range. For an additional $100,000, you can get 500 miles of range.

Tesla also offers an extended range version for $180,000 that has a range of up to 800 miles. This version also includes a larger battery pack and more power for faster acceleration and higher top speeds.

In addition to the base model cost, there are several other costs associated with owning and operating a Tesla Semi Truck. These include charging infrastructure costs (such as building or buying charging stations), insurance premiums (which depend on the type of coverage you choose), maintenance costs (which vary depending on how often the vehicle is used), and fuel costs (which depend on energy prices).

Overall, the total cost of owning and operating a Tesla Semi Truck can be anywhere from $150,000 to over $200,000 depending on the features and accessories you choose.


Tesla Semi Trucks are one of the most advanced heavy-duty vehicles available today. The base model starts at $150,000 but additional features can increase that cost significantly. The total cost of ownership and operation depends on several factors such as battery type and range as well as charging infrastructure costs, insurance premiums, maintenance fees and fuel costs.

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