Is Cadillac Coming Out With a Pickup Truck?

It has been long speculated that Cadillac is coming out with a pickup truck. Now, the rumors are becoming more and more true. There’s been a lot of hints that Cadillac is planning to expand their lineup with the introduction of a pickup truck, and it seems like the anticipated vehicle could be coming soon.

Cadillac has been in the luxury car industry for decades, but now it looks like they’re interested in taking on the pickup truck market as well. This would be a major move for the brand, and would likely be welcomed by many fans who have been waiting for Cadillac to enter this space.

The company has recently filed trademarks for “Escalade EXT” and “Escalade Pickup” which could indicate that they’re planning to launch a new vehicle soon. The Escalade is already one of their most popular vehicles, so it makes sense that they would use this name as an extension into their new product line.

There have also been reports that Cadillac is working on an electric pickup truck that could rival other brands in terms of performance and features. This would be exciting news for those who want to take advantage of the latest technology while still enjoying premium luxury from Cadillac.

So Is Cadillac Coming Out With a Pickup Truck?

It seems likely that Cadillac will be launching a pickup truck in the near future. With recent trademark filings and rumors of an electric option, it looks like the brand is getting ready to enter this space in a big way. Fans of luxury vehicles will certainly be excited to see what Cadillac comes up with.


The evidence indicates that Cadillac is indeed coming out with a pickup truck. The brand has filed trademarks for “Escalade EXT” and “Escalade Pickup” as well as reports of an electric option which suggests they are gearing up to launch this vehicle soon. Fans of luxury vehicles will surely look forward to seeing what Cadillacs pickup brings to the market.

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