What Are the Holes in Chevy Truck Bed For?

It’s no secret that Chevy trucks are some of the toughest vehicles on the market. They’re designed to handle anything you can put them through and they rarely fail to deliver.

But, one question that often comes up is – what are those holes in the truck bed for?

The holes in the bed of a Chevy truck are there for a few different purposes. The most obvious is for drainage.

If you ever get caught in a heavy rain or if you’re hauling something wet, water can pool up in the bed of your truck and these holes help to drain it away.

The other primary purpose of these holes is to lighten the bed of your truck. By drilling out small, strategically-placed holes, some weight is taken away from your truck which can help improve fuel efficiency and performance.

The last use for these holes is to provide ventilation. If you’re hauling something that emits fumes or odors, then having these holes drilled into the bed of your truck will help keep air circulating so it doesn’t become too smelly.


So, in conclusion, those mysterious holes in the bed of your Chevy truck have a few different uses – drainage, weight reduction and ventilation. Knowing what they’re used for can help you make sure that your truck is as efficient and effective as possible.

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Susan Delgado