What Are Truck Bed Toppers Called?

Truck bed toppers, also known as tonneau covers, are an important accessory for any pickup truck. These covers offer a number of benefits, from keeping cargo secure to improving fuel efficiency. But what exactly are these toppers called?

Truck bed toppers are typically made of either vinyl or aluminum and come in both soft and hard varieties. The most common type is the soft roll-up tonneau cover.

This type is easy to install, is relatively inexpensive, and offers quick access to the truck bed. It also helps reduce wind drag and improve fuel efficiency.

Hard tonneau covers can provide more protection against the elements and theft than their soft counterparts. They tend to be more expensive than soft covers but offer better security and a sleek look. Many hard tonneau covers come with locks that can be opened with a key for added security.

No matter which type of topper you choose, both have their benefits. Soft covers are generally more affordable and easier to install while hard covers offer increased security and improved aerodynamics. It’s important to consider your needs when deciding which type of cover is right for you.

Truck bed toppers are an important accessory for any pickup truck, with both soft roll-up tonneau covers and hard tonneau covers offering different levels of protection, security, aerodynamics and ease of installation. No matter which type you choose, both have their own set of benefits that should be taken into consideration before making a purchase.

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