What Happened to Gunslinger Monster Truck Driver?

Gunslinger Monster Truck Driver was once one of the most famous and recognizable names in the world of monster truck racing. Born in 1980, Gunslinger quickly became a household name after winning the first ever Monster Jam World Finals in 2001.

He went on to become a successful driver on the Monster Jam circuit, competing in some of the biggest events and earning several championships along the way.

Gunslinger’s success on the track was matched by his off-track notoriety as well. He was a regular on television shows and even hosted his own show on Fox Sports Net called “Gunslinger’s Monster Truck Madness”. He gained further fame when he opened his own monster truck museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, which showcased some of his most notable vehicles.

However, Gunslinger’s career eventually came to an abrupt end in 2006 when he was involved in a severe accident during a race. The crash left him with serious injuries and unable to continue driving monster trucks. Although he has made attempts to return to racing, it has been difficult for him to regain his former level of success.

Since then, Gunslinger has kept a low profile and has not been involved in any major monster truck events or activities. He is rumored to have retired from racing altogether and is said to be focusing on other interests such as photography and art.


What happened to Gunslinger Monster Truck Driver? After suffering a severe accident during a race in 2006, Gunslinger was forced into retirement from monster truck racing due to injury. Since then he has kept out of the spotlight but is rumored to have shifted focus towards photography and art instead.

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