What Is a Large Tow Truck Called?

A large tow truck is a specialized vehicle used to transport heavy-duty vehicles, such as buses, trucks, and ships. Commonly referred to as a wrecker or recovery vehicle, this type of tow truck is outfitted with hydraulically operated ramps and winches with which to pull and haul large loads.

The size of the load determines the type of tow truck needed, as well as its capability to handle the weight. In some cases, specialized tow trucks may be required for larger loads.

The largest tow truck in the world is known as the Centurion. This hefty piece of machinery has been specifically designed for hauling loads of up to 250 tons.

It is powered by a Detroit Diesel 8V92 engine that produces 1,000 horsepower and 5,000 foot-pounds of torque. The Centurion can be operated by one person and comes equipped with multiple winches that are capable of pulling up to 500 tons each.

For smaller loads, such as cars and small trucks, medium-sized tow trucks are usually sufficient. These vehicles typically come equipped with wheel-lift mechanisms or flatbeds that can carry up to 10 tons at once. Medium-sized tow trucks are also capable of carrying smaller boats and recreational vehicles such as campers.


In conclusion, what is a large tow truck called? The answer depends on the size of the load being transported; for heavy-duty vehicles such as buses and ships, it’s known as a wrecker or recovery vehicle; for larger loads such as 250 tons or more, it’s known as the Centurion; for smaller loads such as cars or small trucks, it’s usually referred to as a medium-sized tow truck which typically come equipped with wheel-lift mechanisms or flatbeds.

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