What Is the Longest Monster Truck Jump?

Monster truck jumping is one of the most spectacular and thrilling stunts in motorsport. It involves driving a large, modified truck over an obstacle at high speed and launching it into the air.

The longer the jump, the greater the thrill for both the driver and spectators. So what is the longest monster truck jump ever recorded?

The Longest Monster Truck Jump

The record for the longest monster truck jump ever recorded is held by US-based driver Larry Swim, who jumped his truck a staggering distance of 301 feet (91.6m) in 2015. He was driving his specially modified monster truck “Big Air” when he made history at the Monster Jam World Finals XVI in Las Vegas, Nevada. The jump was so long that Larry had to make use of an extra ramp to help launch his vehicle into the air, reaching a height of almost 50 feet (15m).

Big Air’s Technical Specifications

Big Air was built specifically for creating long jumps and surviving them. It was powered by a supercharged 572 cubic inch V8 engine capable of producing up to 2,000 horsepower – enough power to launch Big Air and Larry into history books! Other custom modifications included a custom-built transmission with an extra gear ratio as well as reinforced shock absorbers designed to handle huge impacts upon landing.

Larry Swim’s Background

Larry Swim has been involved in motorsports since his teenage years and has been driving monster trucks since 2006. He has won numerous awards over his career including four championships at the Monster Jam World Finals – one of which was earned with Big Air during its historic jump in 2015. His success has earned him plenty of recognition and respect within motor sport circles across North America.

In conclusion, Larry Swim holds the official world record for longest monster truck jump ever achieved with a distance of 301 feet (91.6m). His specially modified Big Air monster truck was equipped with extra modifications to help it survive such a huge jump and enabled him to become part of motorsport history!

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