What Size Tires Are Monster Truck Tires?

Monster Truck tires are designed for maximum performance. They are much larger than regular truck tires and are often used in off-road racing.

They come in a variety of sizes, from small to large.

The most popular size for Monster Truck tires is the 33 inch diameter. This is the size that most Monster Trucks use for their competition tires, as it provides enough traction and grip to carry the vehicle through tough terrain.

These tires are usually very wide and have deep treads, which help them to gain traction in dirt and mud.

The next size up is the 36 inch diameter tire. These are often used on vehicles that need more ground clearance or extra traction in loose terrain.

The treads on these tires tend to be a bit shallower than those on 33 inch tires, but they still provide enough grip to get the job done.

The largest size of Monster Truck tire is the 40 inch diameter tire. These are generally only seen on specialty vehicles such as rock crawlers or sand dragsters.

They provide an incredible amount of ground clearance and traction, allowing the vehicle to traverse any terrain with ease.


In conclusion, Monster Truck tires come in a variety of sizes ranging from 33 inches all the way up to 40 inches depending on the application and terrain being driven on. The most popular size is the 33 inch diameter tire which provides enough traction and grip for off-road racing conditions.

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