What Was the Last Year International Harvester Made a Pickup Truck?

In 1984, the International Harvester company ceased production of its pickup truck line. The International Harvester Company, commonly known as IH, had a long history in manufacturing pickup trucks that dated back almost a century.

From its inception in 1907, IH was one of the leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles in the US, offering a wide range of pickups and other trucks.

The first IH pickup truck was the Model C-1, released in 1907 and capable of hauling 1 ton of cargo. This model was followed by the Model G-2 in 1915, which could haul up to 2 tons.

As technology advanced, so did the capabilities and design of International Harvester’s pickups. The company continued to improve on its design over the years and eventually released a full-size model known as the Scout 800A in 1961.

IH also made several smaller pickups during this period such as the Scout 800B (1964) and Scout II (1971). In 1975, IH released its first light-duty pickup – the Travelall – which featured an extended cab and four doors. This was followed by the CargoStar series (1979) which had improved interior features like air conditioning.

Throughout its history, IH’s pickup truck models were reliable workhorses that were popular with farmers and ranchers. However, despite their popularity with these customers, sales began to decline in the early 1980s due to increased competition from foreign automakers such as Toyota and Nissan. As a result, International Harvester ceased production of its pickup truck line in 1984.


The International Harvester company stopped producing pickup trucks in 1984 after nearly 80 years of production due to increasing competition from foreign automakers. This marked an end to an era where IH’s reliable workhorses were popular choices for farmers and ranchers across America.

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