Who Created the First Monster Truck?

One of the most beloved forms of motorsport in the United States is monster truck racing. These massive vehicles with their towering tires and powerful engines have been captivating crowds for years. But who was the first to create a monster truck?

The answer can be traced back to a man named Bob Chandler.

Born in 1947, Bob had an affinity for cars and trucks from an early age. In the 1970s, he started his own business repairing vehicles, and eventually found success as a dealer of 4X4 trucks. One day, while out testing a modified pickup truck, he noticed that it was able to drive over cars with ease. This gave him the idea to create a larger version of this vehicle that could drive over anything in its path.

In 1979, Bob and his wife Marilyn created the first monster truck called “Bigfoot”. It featured a Ford F-250 pickup truck body mounted on 46″ tires and it quickly became popular at local events. After appearing in several magazines and on television shows, Bigfoot gained nationwide attention and spawned dozens of copycat trucks.

Bob Chandler was the first to create a monster truck. He used his passion for cars and trucks to develop an idea that would revolutionize motorsports entertainment. His creation of Bigfoot in 1979 started a movement that has grown into one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the United States today.

Bob Chandler will always be remembered for creating the first monster truck and setting off an industry that continues to thrill people all over the world.

Conclusion: Who created the very first Monster Truck? Bob Chandler is credited with being the originator of Monster Trucks when he created Bigfoot in 1979 – starting off what has become an incredibly popular form of motorsport entertainment around the world today!

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