Does a Truck Bed Cover Improve Gas Mileage?

A truck bed cover can improve a vehicle’s fuel efficiency in several ways. By providing an aerodynamic barrier, the cover helps reduce drag on the vehicle and increases its range.

It also reduces the amount of air that can enter the cargo area, reducing the amount of wind resistance and turbulence that can affect fuel economy. Additionally, a truck bed cover can provide additional cargo space, allowing for less frequent trips to carry larger loads.

A truck bed cover is designed with a lightweight material that allows it to reduce air resistance while still providing an effective barrier against dirt and weather damage. This means that the cover won’t add much weight to the vehicle and will still allow for better fuel efficiency. Additionally, some covers are designed with features such as built-in seals and insulation that further reduce air resistance and turbulence.

Another way a truck bed cover can improve fuel efficiency is by eliminating unnecessary trips. With additional cargo space provided by the bed cover, drivers can transport larger loads in fewer trips, thus reducing their overall fuel consumption.

Finally, a truck bed cover can help protect cargo from weather damage and theft. A properly installed cover will provide an extra layer of security for valuable items stored in the back of your truck.


In summary, a truck bed cover can provide many benefits including improved aerodynamics, additional cargo space, reduced air resistance and turbulence, and extra security for stored items. All of these factors combine to make a truck bed cover an effective way to improve gas mileage.

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