Was Bigfoot the First Monster Truck?

Bigfoot, the original monster truck, has been around since the mid-1970s. It was created by Bob Chandler, a truck enthusiast who wanted to make something bigger and better than the normal trucks of the time.

He made a Ford F-250 with huge tires and a suspension that could take on anything in its path. The truck gained notoriety over time and by 1980, it was officially declared as the first monster truck.

Bigfoot is credited with creating the monster truck industry, as it made its way across America in various races and shows. It is one of the most recognizable vehicles in the world and has spawned many imitators over the years.

It has also been featured in movies such as Gremlins 2 and Gone In 60 Seconds.

The popularity of Bigfoot has grown immensely over time, and it is now considered to be an icon of American culture. There have been numerous replicas made of it over the years, but none can match up to its originality. The size, power and sheer awesomeness of this vehicle are unmatched by any other monster truck or vehicle for that matter.

It’s easy to see why Bigfoot is considered to be the first monster truck; it was big enough to take on whatever terrain came its way while still being incredibly reliable. Its distinctive look and style have been copied countless times over, making it a true icon of American culture.


So was Bigfoot the first monster truck? Absolutely!

Its size, power and unique design set it apart from all other vehicles at that time and made it an instant hit among car enthusiasts everywhere. Its popularity continues to this day thanks to its iconic status in American culture.

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