What Do You Call the Back of a Pickup Truck?

The back of a pickup truck is an important part of the vehicle. It provides storage space for tools and equipment, hauls large items and functions as a loading platform for heavy objects. But what do you call it?

The technical term for the back of a pickup truck is the pickup bed.

This is the part of the truck that contains the storage area behind the cab. It can be made out of metal, fiberglass or plastic and has a flat, open surface. Depending on the make and model, it can also have walls to provide additional security and protection from weather conditions.

The pickup bed is usually divided into two sections: the box, which is where items are stored, and the tailgate, which is located at the back of the bed. The tailgate can be lowered to provide easier access to items in the box or can be used as a platform for loading larger objects onto the truck.

The pickup bed also contains other features such as tie-down points, tail lights, side steps and wheel wells. These features are designed to make it easier to use your truck for various purposes such as hauling cargo, carrying materials or transporting equipment.

So there you have it – when referring to the back of a pickup truck, you would use its technical name – pickup bed. It’s an important part of any truck that provides storage space and serves as a loading platform for heavier objects.

In conclusion, what do you call the back of a pickup truck? The correct term is ‘pickup bed’, which refers to the part of a truck that contains storage space behind the cab and other features such as tie-down points, tail lights and side steps. The pickup bed serves many purposes from carrying tools and materials to loading heavier objects onto your vehicle.

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