What Is the Towing Part of Tow Truck Called?

A tow truck is a vehicle used to transport disabled, illegally parked, impounded, or otherwise indisposed motor vehicles. Towing is a specialized form of transport and requires the use of specialized equipment and knowledge. The towing part of the tow truck is typically referred to as the boom, but can also be called the recovery boom, tow arm, or recovery arm.

The boom is a hydraulically operated metal arm that can be extended out from the back of the tow truck. It is used to lift vehicles off the ground and secure them onto a bed or platform on the back of the truck.

This allows for easier transport of disabled vehicles. The boom can be extended further out from its base to make it easier for operators to attach chains and hooks onto vehicles for secure transportation.

The boom typically consists of four main components: an extending arm, hydraulic cylinder, winch, and cable. The winch is attached to an electric motor which operates the hydraulic cylinder that extends and retracts the arm when requested by an operator. The cable is then attached to either end of the arm which allows operators to pull on vehicles that need assistance with starting or can be used as an anchor when securing towed vehicles in place during transport.

The boom also features safety features such as shear pins which are designed to break in case of excessive force being applied on them while operating. This prevents excessive damage to both equipment and personnel in case something goes wrong during operation. Additionally, safety straps may be used for extra security when attaching towed vehicles during transport.

In conclusion, what is known as ‘the Towing Part’ of a Tow Truck refers specifically to the Boom; a hydraulically operated metal arm which extends from the back of a tow truck and provides a way for operators to lift disabled vehicles off their ground and secure them onto a bed or platform on the back of their truck for easy transportation purposes.


The Towing Part of Tow Trucks are referred to as Booms; they are hydraulically operated metal arms that extend from the back of trucks and allow operators easy access in lifting disabled vehicles off their ground and securing them onto beds or platforms so they can be transported with ease.

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