Who Made the First Monster Truck?

The first monster truck was built by Bob Chandler in 1979. He was a mud bogger from St. Louis, Missouri and had a passion for lifting and customizing his trucks.

He had been lifting trucks for years and wanted to take his hobby to the next level. In 1979, he got his opportunity when he was asked to perform at a show at the Pontiac Silverdome in Michigan.

Chandler decided to build a truck that would be able to traverse over cars with ease. He took an old Ford F-250 pick-up truck and started the process of transforming it into a monster truck. He added larger tires, an extra suspension, and an overall beefed-up look with metal plating.

With this new creation, Chandler named it “Bigfoot”. This name stuck and quickly became synonymous with monster trucks. After its first show in 1979, Bigfoot became an instant success and soon other drivers followed suit by creating their own versions of monster trucks.

Today, monster trucks are popular all over the world. They are used for entertainment purposes such as car crushing shows, racing competitions, and even freestyle events where drivers attempt daring jumps and stunts.


Bob Chandler is credited with inventing the first monster truck in 1979. His creation of Bigfoot revolutionized the industry and has become a popular entertainment vehicle all around the world.

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