Is Hyundai Making a Small Pickup Truck?

The Korean automaker Hyundai is always on the lookout for ways to expand its lineup of vehicles. Reports have now emerged indicating that Hyundai might be developing a small pickup truck that could compete with the likes of the Ford Ranger, Chevrolet Colorado and Toyota Tacoma.

The information comes from an anonymous source who works for Hyundai in South Korea. This source claims that the company has already begun work on a small pickup truck and is planning to bring it to market in the near future. The source also revealed that the truck would be based on the company’s existing Tucson SUV platform, which is currently used for the Hyundai Santa Fe.

Hyundai has not yet officially confirmed these rumors, but if they are true, then it could be a great opportunity for the company to expand their lineup and compete with other automakers in this segment. Small pickup trucks are becoming increasingly popular among consumers, as they offer practicality and affordability without sacrificing performance or capability.

Hyundai has been known for producing reliable and affordable vehicles, so if they were to bring out a small pickup truck, it could prove to be a hit with buyers. The company already produces several SUVs and crossovers, so adding a small pickup truck to their lineup would be a logical step forward.


While there is no official confirmation from Hyundai yet about whether or not they are making a small pickup truck, all signs point towards them doing so. If true, it could prove to be an excellent addition to their current lineup of vehicles and help them compete with other automakers in this segment. We will have to wait and see what happens.

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