Who Did the First Monster Truck Moonwalk?

A Moonwalk, also known as a walking wheelie or backflip, is a stunt performed by a monster truck driver where the truck drives forward and then rotates backwards in mid-air. It is an impressive maneuver that requires precise timing and skill. But who was the first monster truck driver to do the first moonwalk?

The answer to this question is relatively unknown as there is no definitive answer.

However, many people believe it was Jimmy Creten who was the first driver to perform such a feat. Creten is a professional monster truck driver and has been driving since the early 1990s. He has won several championships in his career and holds multiple world records for stunts like the moonwalk.

Creten has performed the moonwalk many times throughout his career, including at Monster Jam World Finals events. His ability to stay focused and execute the maneuver perfectly under pressure is what earned him his reputation as one of the best monster truck drivers in the world.

The moonwalk has become one of the most popular stunts for monster trucks today and continues to draw crowds at events across the globe. The stunt has become so popular that some drivers have even modified their vehicles to make them more suitable for performing it.

In conclusion, Jimmy Creten is widely believed to be the first driver who did the first monster truck moonwalk. He brought this incredible stunt into mainstream popularity with his skillful execution of it at various Monster Jam events around the world.

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